Friday, December 1, 2017

Not all like to eat only veggies....

Not all can meditate, not all want to be or would like to be a vegetarian, not all can worship on Saturday or burn incense and stare at a picture. Not all like psychology and or philosophy. Not all like to stretch themselves into pretzels to gain some sort of "enlightenment". But all people need forgiveness and all people have undelt with sins. Our Creator offers you the simplicity of Jesus Christ...profound and personal.

~Brother Eric

Jesus Christ..the All Sufficient!

 The fact is that the only thing in this world which is for every man is Christ. It is not every man who can be a thinker. There are gifts which are not granted to every man. Not every man can master every craft, or even every game. There are those who are colour-blind and to whom the loveliness of art means nothing. There are those who are tone-deaf and for whom the glory of music does not exist. Not every man can be a writer or a student or a preacher or a singer. Even human love at its highest is not granted to all men. There are gifts a man will never possess; there are privileges a man will never enjoy; there are heights of this world's attainment which a man will never scale; but to every man there is open the good news of the gospel, the love of God in Christ Jesus and the trans-forming power which can bring holiness into life.

-Barclay's Daily Study Bible (NT)

Hebrews 7;25
Jesus is the source of our salvation.He is the great Saviour who can save till the uttermost. No sinner is beyond His reach.It is only because of Him we have eternal life instead of spending eternity in agony and pain.
Philippians 4;19
Jesus is the source of our supply.When we depend on Him to supply our needs He is faithful to be our provider.Often we make the mistake of looking to some people as our source of supply and we get disappointed.But when God is our source He can meet our needs even in the wilderness.
II Corinthians 12;9
Jesus is our sufficiency. In whatever area we are lacking He gives His grace which is sufficient for us.He is our courage when we are fearful.He is our wisdom when we are ignorant.Wherever we are lacking we can depend upon Him to be our sufficiency.
John 10;28-29
Jesus is our security. When we realise that our life is in His hands we can be free from fear.Often we panic when we face situations and dangers that are beyond our ability to defend. It is at such times we must remind ourselves that what is too strong for our hands is not too strong for the hands of Jesus.He is our protector and we are safe in His hands.
I John 2;1
Jesus is our solicitor and heavenly advocate.He pleads on our behalf before God and wins the mercy and favour of God for us.He is the most influential person in heaven and the best advocate we can have to plead our case.And He does it absolutely free of charge because He loves us and we belong to Him. Let us commit all our matters into His hands.
I Corinthians 1;30
Jesus is our sanctification.He is the one who cleanses and purifies us. We can never be sanctified without Him.We must not think we can live a sanctified life in our own strength without the help of Jesus.He is the vine and we are the branches and we must receive all the nourishment from the vine in order to live a fruitful life.
II Corinthians 12;9-10
Jesus is our strength. Whenever we are weak we can depend upon His strength.Apostle Paul said he will most gladly glory in his infirmities that the power of Christ may rest upon Him.He is happy and proud about his weakness because it gives him an opportunity to experience the power of Christ.Imagine a rich man offering us his expensive mercedes benz car for to use whenever our bicycle gets broken.Surely we will rejoice whenever our old bicycle gets broken because it gives us an opportunity to ride in a mercedes benz car.In the same way whenever we are weak we get an opportunity to experience the power of Christ.

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