Thursday, January 18, 2018

Eric's gives testimony and Introduction to Straight Christianity & Nugget of Truth

Eric gives short testimony and
Introduction to Straight Christianity 
& Nugget of Truth
Here are short biblical teachings on video called "Nuggets of Truth" which are brought to you by the founder of this ministry: Watch and listen as Eric W. King makes plain and simple the important messages of the Bible.

Welcome to Straight Christianity. Here Eric gives introduction to this ministry
and to his "Nugget of Truth" video ministry. Please take a short time out
to listen to this message.

Exposing the False Teachings
There are many false Christian movements and groups teaching that you must keep special days (Jewish feasts) and rules and regulations in order to be a true Christian. These are the modern day Judaizers. The New Covenant warns about these types of people. They are deceivers and legalists. The other extreme is the liberal moralists. The articles listed here will help you understand these issues so that you can be careful to stay away from all false teachers and rest in Jesus Christ.

*Jesus is our Sabbath
*Christians free from legalist feast keepers
*Moral relativism or Truth?
*Asceticism and the New Covenant 
*Response to the New Morality
*Dealing with so called "spiritual teachers" of today
*Exposing Seventh Day Adventism 

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  1. "You have no rival, You have no equal
    Now and forever, Our God reigns
    Yours is the Kingdom, Yours is the glory
    Yours is the Name, above all names"

    These are few lines from the popular worship song what a beautiful name. These lines say that the God has no rival and nothing is equal to the God. You are the king of this world, this is your kingdom. Your name is the best of all. What a beautiful name chords


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