Thursday, January 11, 2018

Exposing Seventh Day Adventism

Are the Seventh Day Adventists Christians?

Many I know are still stuck in the SDA church and I pray that they watch
this video and truly come to Jesus Christ with honesty and repent. Jesus is
coming back very soon and my hope is that you will truly accept Him for
who He is.....He is God.

"There are two great temptations in the Christian life, and, in a certain sense, the better a man is the more liable he is to them. First, there is the temptation to try to earn God's favour, and second, the temptation to use some little achievement to compare oneself with our fellow men to our advantage and their disadvantage. But the Christianity which has enough of self left in it to think that by its own efforts it can please God and that by its own achievements it can show itself superior to other men is not true Christianity at all."

 - William Barclay

Seventh Day Adventists claim that the Christian Church is now Israel and that Jerusalem is heaven. Please watch the following Bible talk to see why they are wrong. Understanding the difference between literal Israel and the Christian Church is key to being saved from the SDA error. 

*Is the Christian Church now the nation of Israel? 

Above: Bible teacher Eric William King responds to the "sabbath issue".
All Seventh Day Adventists should watch this and share it.


 Exposing the False Teachings
There are many false Christian movements and groups teaching that you must keep special days (Jewish feasts) and rules and regulations in order to be a true Christian. These are the modern day Judaizers. The New Covenant warns about these types of people. They are deceivers and legalists. The other extreme is the liberal moralists. The articles listed here will help you understand these issues so that you can be careful to stay away from all false teachers and rest in Jesus Christ.

*Jesus is our Sabbath
*Christians free from legalist feast keepers
*Moral relativism or Truth?
*Asceticism and the New Covenant 
*Response to the New Morality
*Dealing with so called "spiritual teachers" of today

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