Thursday, January 25, 2018

False Christian Theology and Teachers

The problem with false Christian Theology
 and False Teachers

Many people today who claim to be Christians find themselves in one of the many denominations trying to make the Scriptures fit the teachings of their founder or founders. This nonsense continues to go on as it did in Jesus' day. Are you being honest with God and letting His word say what He wants it to say? or are you trying to force some strange and unbiblical doctrine into your belief system? - Eric William King

They [the Pharisees] read it with a shut mind. They read it not to search for God but to find arguments to support their own positions. They did not really love God; they loved their own ideas about him. Water has as much chance of getting into concrete as the word of God had of getting into their minds. They did not humbly learn a theology from scripture; they used scripture to defend a theology which they themselves had produced. There is still danger that we should use the Bible to prove our beliefs and not to test them.- William Barclay

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