Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Groveland Christian Fellowship

Welcome to Groveland 
Christian Fellowship

If you are in California near or around Yosemite National Forest
we invite you to visit Groveland Christian Fellowship [now GCF]

Brother and traveling missionary, Dean Brooks


We are a non-denominational, Bible believing Church dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to our community and our world, and to developing strong, mature disciples.

Groveland Church Building

Groveland Christian Fellowship "Pot Luck"
first Sunday of each month following communion.

Groveland Christian Fellowship Study Hall & Kitchen
in background.


Pastor Richard Cripe
(Pastor of Groveland Christian Fellowship)

Left to right: Pastor Richard Cripe, Eric W. King (founder of Straight Christianity & Nugget of Truth), Elder Don Cripe and Brother John Weisenburger....all from Groveland Christian Fellowship


Above: Eric W. King (founder of Straight Christianity & Nugget of Truth
with brother Dean Brooks. (pictures taken January 21, 2018)

GCF - Church fellowship in the Study Hall

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