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Knowing Jesus Christ
There are many false teachings out there. It is time to truly get serious about Jesus Christ. We offer insightful articles and online resources for all true Christians and those seeking the Truth. Please bookmark us and thank you for being a part of this important ministry.

 Living the Christian Life
It can certainly be a challenge living the Christian life in these troublesome times. We are here to encourage you to not give in or give up. Please study with us and pray. Share the things that God reveals to you. Thank you for being a part of Straight Christianity.

*A life which has left God out
*Bible verses regarding eating meat
*Can Christians cuss..use bad language?
*The work of Christ
*Doing right things the wrong way
*Lesson in Love - Getting Along
*Do you see Jesus?
*Are you thinking clearly

Above: Are you "spiritual" or a Christian?

 Relationship Issues
How do Christians deal with relationship issues? Family, husband & wife, teenagers, friends and the work place? Hope these articles will help you in your Christian walk.

*Can students tell the difference between man & woman?
*The Fatherless Child
*Christian Rules for Dating
*The Social Work of the Christian Church
*What does the Bible say about sex?
*Living together isn't the answer
*Communication: God given force 
*Unconditional Christian Love
*Loves Struggle 
*Controversial topics for Christians 
*Christians and judging others
*False Hope
*Animals and Christians
*The Justice and Mercy of God
*Manpower: Passion & Purpose
*Taming the Human Tongue
*The dangers of Gossip
*God is still good
*Homosexuality is a SIN
*A God moment

 Christians and proper Worship
Church issues: There are numerous church denominations? Which should I attend if any? What are the "signs"of a good or "healthy" church? We hope the following articles help you.

*Has your church compromised?
*Profession and Practice 
*Should Christians honor a specific day for worship?
*Marks of a Good Church
*Should Christians keep holidays?
*10 Bible verses regarding false doctrine
*Are you helping the Church?
*Milk Bone religion...God in a box
*Whats Ed's problem?
*What church do you attend?
*Single Leader churches are bad ideas

 Facing the Trials of Life
There are numerous troubles we face all the time. We all go through "hard times" in life. The following articles give Christian insight on how to survive the vicissitudes of life.

*Christians endure through trials
*Eric gives all Christians a word of encouragement 
*Christian Life different
*The Devil cannot condemn you
*This is the day that the Lord hath made!
*Excitable expectations 
*Maximum Effect Antidepressant 
*God is still good!

  Family Issues
How do Christians deal with personal family issues? Family, husband & wife, teenagers, children? Some members of our family may be Christians...others no. Maybe they all hate Christianity or have become atheists or pagans. How does one deal with family issues of these types? Here are some articles to help.

*Let go and let God
*Teenagers & Depression 

  Life's Contemplating Issues
How do Christians deal with personal all the differing issues of today's world? Some of us are deeper thinkers and need much more impute than others. We begin by offering fellow Christian thoughts and contemplation's regarding life.

*ED's problem
*Moving on....
*Maximum effect Antidepressant 
*Manpower: Passion & Purpose
*Are Humans really making our planet a better place?
*Learning to hear and trust the Lord

 Watch Eric's Bible Lectures
Listen and watch Bible teacher Eric William King speak about many different yet important Bible topics. These videos will train you in basic Christian Theology and these videos have been highly recommended by good Bible teachers from around the globe. Get your Bible, pick a topic, pray and study away!

*The True Human Condition
*Seven Important Biblical Interpretive Rules & Exposing Schisms 
*Eric William King's "Kingdom Discourse" series! 
*The difference between literal Israel and the Christian Church
*Alexandrian & Antiochene Schools of Theology
*Patristic Period & Dispensationalism 
*Sabbath Days, Holy Days & Jesus Christ
*God's Common Grace
*Ancient insight into a prophetic parable!
*Live Discourse on John ch.8
*Live Discourse on John ch.9
*Parable of the Hidden Treasure
*The difference between "allegory" & "parable"
*The danger of Allegory in Theology & the Pearl of Great Price
*Importance of Parables & Interpretive Advice
*The Creative Earth Ages - Part One

 Christians, our environment & health
As Christians we believe in being good stewards of the things that God has given all of us. How do Christians respond to current health trends? and just what do Christians believe in regarding personal health issues? Hope these article can help answer some of this issues.

- Defending the Christian Faith
There are many "christian" groups and denominations claiming to be Christian but have many errors in their teachings. Apologetics is the study of these issues and of defending the true Christian faith. Please enjoy the following links to help you expose the false teachings of some of these groups.

*Warning against Catholic doctrines 
*Exposing Seventh Day Adventism 
*Learn about the many " christian" cults

 Exposing the False Teachings
There are many false Christian movements and groups teaching that you must keep special days (Jewish feasts) and rules and regulations in order to be a true Christian. These are the modern day Judaizers. The New Covenant warns about these types of people. They are deceivers and legalists. The other extreme is the liberal moralists. The articles listed here will help you understand these issues so that you can be careful to stay away from all false teachers and rest in Jesus Christ. The articles below teach TRUTH.

*Seven traits of a false teacher
*10 Bible verses regarding false doctrine
*False Theology and False Christian Teachers 
*Jesus is our Sabbath
*Christians free from legalist feast keepers
*Moral relativism or Truth?
*Asceticism and the New Covenant 
*Response to the New Morality
*Dealing with so called "spiritual teachers" of today
*Exposing Seventh Day Adventism 
*Mistaken Teachers
*Christians have heaven...not reincarnation 
*Heresies of the Evangelical Free Church
*All Scripture [Christian Bible] is correct, no error
*Two things about atheism that all should know
*Mormon find the True Jesus ~ powerful testimony!
*An indescribable horror

 Christian & Jewish Music
Here we list some modern and classic Christian and Jewish songs for your enjoyment and inspiration. Enjoy and share.

*Beautiful Jesus
HEBREW! How Great is our God // Gadol Elohai by Joshua Aaron in Jerusalem
*SHEMA YISRAEL by Micha'el Ben David
*Baruch Haba B'Shem Adonai
*What a Beautiful Name 
*Reckless Love 
*Sing Praises to the Lord
*Break Every Chain by Jesus Culture Lyrics 
*Jesus I need You
*Raise a Hallelujah 
*I Surrender 

Teaching our Children
Here we must pay close attention. Those Christian who have children must take responsibility to raise their children in the Lord. This is not easy. Here are some articles to help.

*The Internet helps kidnap your children 
*As a man thinketh so shall he be...
*Your children carry seeds of GREATNESS!

 Exposing the so called New Age
There are people who claim to be "spiritual" and not "religious". Yet they burn incense, meditate, preach karma and reincarnation, etc. These false religious teachings have their roots in ancient Babylon. These and other pagan teachings are trying to influence the Christian Church to accept error, subtle though it sometimes is. We must be careful and expose these anti-Christ teachings. Here are some articles to help you understand these dangers.

*Exposing Esther Hicks satanic teachings
*The Master Lie
*Christians who left
*Christian brother exposes the New Age
*Christian sister leaves the fake New Age & returns to the Lord Jesus Christ
*Proper Knowledge 

 Christian Theology
We offer you the pure teachings from God's Holy Word. Please study your Bible daily and pray. Become sealed with the true Christian teachings and live and share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

*Is the Christian Bible God's message to Humanity?
*Understanding Ages & Dispensations
*Basic outline of Seven Dispensations
*The Christian Church and Israel
*Is the word "rapture" in the Bible? Surprise! 
*The Rapture of the Christian Church

 Christians be on guard 
Today parents are sending their children to psychologists. Please be aware that 90% of all those professing to be some sort of psychologist have delved into the New Age and have experimented with witchcraft. Their teachings help promote the false teaching of reincarnation and forms of occult magick (occult spelling) - visualization techniques. The following articles and videos will educate you regarding these important issues.

 Bible Prophecy
Prophecy is happening! As Christians we should stay aware of the Signs of the Times. It is exciting to witness and watch the prophecies of the Bible happen right before our own eyes. Here are some helpful articles for you to consider.

*Behold, He comes
*The war of Gog and Magog - what and when?
*The Whirlwind Prophecy ~ 2018

 E.W.King videos: Nugget of Truth
Here are short biblical teachings on video called "Nuggets of Truth" which are brought to you by the founder of this ministry: Watch and listen as Eric W. King makes plain and simple the important messages of the Bible.

 The Gospel of Grace
So many people trying to understand God have fallen into the trap of legalism. They picture God as a tyrant ready to judge them at any moment.The fact of the matter is we serve a God of unconditional love. God offers us His grace, His undeserved favor, kindness and love. Yes, we preach the Gospel of Grace. Won't you take time out to hear it?

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