Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Urgent: The Rapture..are you ready?


Urgent: The Rapture..are you ready?

Come back to the Lord while there is still time!

There is no time to waste. Are you trying to find the peace that you need by the way you eat? by your relationships with other people? through alcohol or drugs? through some kind of music? through philosophy or pseudo psychology? through man made ideas and "new age" beliefs? STOP!

Are you depressed? Are you in debt? Have you gone through divorce or divorces? Have your friends and family left you because of your bad choices in life? Don't have money or a job? Okay. You are normal. Now it is time to find the answer to all of our pains and failures. It is time to come to the Lord Jesus Christ even if you once believed and have given are now being called back to the true Shepherd. Receive His love and forgiveness, receive His healing power today. Talk to Him.
 ~ Brother Eric

"There are two great temptations in the Christian life, and, in a certain sense, the better a man is the more liable he is to them. First, there is the temptation to try to earn God's favour, and second, the temptation to use some little achievement to compare oneself with our fellow men to our advantage and their disadvantage. But the Christianity which has enough of self left in it to think that by its own efforts it can please God and that by its own achievements it can show itself superior to other men is not true Christianity at all."
 - William Barclay

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