Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Kingdom Discourse - Part One through Part Sixteen


  Nugget of Truth:
Kingdom Discourse - Part One through Sixteen

Above: Eric William King gives Seven Interpretation Rules for
studying the Bible. These are foundational.

Here I give you Seven Basic Biblical interpretation rules.
These will help you build a strong foundation as we 
continue to study the Kingdom issue.

Above: My latest lecture regarding the Davidic Covenant and the 
Millennial Reign of Christ. This covenant should be 
properly understood by all Christians.

Above: I look at millennial doctrinal views and explain the danger of some
of these views. I also give some interesting history of the Papacy
and Augustine. Enjoy and share.

Above: In part five I discuss the dangers of amillenialism and postmillennialism.
I also talk about the history of a Roman pope and give true history regarding
the pre-millennial view.

Above I give a quick review of past studies and talk about the errors
of preterism theology. I also expose the fact that Apostle Paul was
already dealing with this issue in his day.

Above: Here I give an introduction to the understanding of 
Jesus' Kingdom Parables. This foundation is extremely important.

Above: In part eight of "Kingdom Discourse" I cover the "parable
of the sower"...and in part nine I will go a little deeper. Helps explain the
"Kingdom in mystery".

Above: Here I explain just why it is that all of the Kingdom parables
are extremely important to understand. Please watch and share!

Above: I talk about the "Wheat and Weeds" parable found in Matthew ch.13.
I give special insight regarding the application of this parable along with
prophetic explanation. Please watch and share!

Above: In this part I speak about the New Covenant..understand how
it all unfolds within the Mustard Seed parable. Share!

Above: I speak here about the "leaven in the bread" parable. This is insight that
Christian churches are not teaching. Watch and Share!

Above: Here i review the parables covered so far and explain the
difference between an "allegory" and a "parable". Also, review
the mystery of the Christian Church. Please watch and share!


Above: Again I dig deep into this "meaty" parable. You will be surprised
how much theology is packed in this small parable. Watch and share!

Above: Here Eric W. King warns about the dangers of Biblical
allegory. Gives examples of the early church and cults.
Finnish's with the "Pearl of Great Price" parable.
Watch and share!

Above: E.W.King gives us the definition of "parable". The importance
pf parabolic teaching and also some interpretation guide rules to follow.
This is a must for those getting ready to study Bible parables.
Please watch and share!


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