Saturday, March 24, 2018

Study The Seven Dispensations

The Seven Dispensations

Eric William King walks us through the Seven Dispensations
(with corrections). This is foundational for all Bible students.
Please watch, study and share.

Continue your Dispensational Studies:

*Understand Dispensational Theology - basic
*Outline of basic Seven Dispensations

Above :This is one of Eric's most popular lecture studies. Did the Christian Church
replace the nation of Israel? This must be understood.


There is an invented lie burning across cyberspace that John Darby created the Rapture of the Church in the 19th century and that at that time it was a 'new' doctrine that had never been taught before in church history. In this video I completely obliterate that falsehood. This kind of information is good to arm yourself when you encounter the often militant so called 'truther' sects of the modern church communities. This is how you come against a lie. You arm yourself with TRUTHS!

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