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Social Work of the Church in the Last Days

Social Work of the 
Church in the Last Days

By Eric William King

Jesus Christ built His church and it is through the church (no longer the literal nation of Israel) that the “Good News” of salvation is being proclaimed. As Christians we preach and teach the gospel. We are not to force our beliefs in Jesus on others nor are we to annoy them with the gospel but we are commanded to share it with those who will hear. ~

Another very important matter has to do with how we as Christians socialize with those who have other religious and or “spiritual” beliefs than ours. A Christian who is truly grounded in the Word of God, one who is mature and has been taught properly, has such a faith that he or she is not troubled working with those who proclaim and practice another “truth” than ours. As many of you know I have been involved with many religions and spiritual paths before my return to Christianity. This has given me a wide perspective of things regarding “spiritual” views and practices. I have learned to be “content” in all circumstance (Philippians 4:11) when it comes to these issues. ~

Christians and other Faiths

I truly believe that we as Christians must not be afraid to work with others from other faiths to achieve good things for our communities and families – and our Nation. I am not an “ecumenicalist” by any means. What I mean by this is that Christians should never (must never) lower their standards or blend their beliefs with what we call “pagan” ideas. Doing that is extremely dangerous. As Christians we should not be afraid to confront what we would term “false theology” with a person who enquires. We should also be careful not to approve wrong worship practices within our churches. Having said that I do not believe that we should purposely avoid those around us, in our work place or families, which practice such things. We can still let them know where we stand and respect each other as humans. Friendship with all people - as much can be achieved - is very important. ~

As Christians we are also warned about being “unevenly yoked” which simply means that we should not be spending all of our time with those who disrespect our Christian faith. That would be unhealthy in many ways. ~

Many have some belief in God

To most people who have some religious belief system we can all agree in One Supreme and Infinite God. Many believe in one ultimate Creator. As to how this Creator manifests Himself, creates, intermediates, acts, etc. is left up to each individual to discover and decide for him/herself. This is not to undermine the importance of sharing what we as Christians believe to be Truth regarding these issues. ~

I believe that God’s “all seeing eye” watches us all and knows each and every one through and through. The apostle Paul told us under inspiration that we should think on all things good. Whatever things are true, noble, just, pure, lovely….praiseworthy etc. (Philippians 4:8, 9) These are what we are to focus on when around others. Truly if a person is seeking the Lord they shall find Him. Christians disbelieve no “truth” which is good, that which honors God’s static Truth. ~

Children of Humanity & Children of God

As Christians we understand ourselves to be God’s children through “regeneration”, thus we are “brothers and sisters in Christ”. We must also understand a different brother/sisterhood and that is the fact that we are all brothers and sisters in regards to the Human Family…we are all humans, on the same planet. It is in the human family that we must also learn to get along and work together. Anybody who has strong personal beliefs and has a job knows the challenges of socializing around those who see and understand things very different than what you might believe. But this is the challenge. Can you have a strong enough faith to work with each other? ~

Most belief systems are left up to creeds. All must make their own choices in life. We must not underestimate the importance of “religious” or “spiritual” beliefs because they manifest the core of our moral and ethical reality. In the work place it is not for the Christian to judge another regarding such issues. Most all of us [humans] have learned to offer freedom when it comes to these issues without arguing, fighting or verbally abusing one another. ~

Fraternal Orders & Humanitarian Organizations

Some have asked me what my view or opinion is in regards to Christians belonging to organizations which promote no particular faith and do good things for their communities, state and country. There are many organizations that do such things and I believe that if you can be involved with such a group that does not in any way compromise your Christian faith then it is okay. Only you can decide whether an organization is doing this or not. Some Christians are even against all fraternal or sorority orders, making claims that such organizations are “all satanic”. I do not believe this. Many people say things out of paranoia and fear simply because they do not fully understand specific issues. It is human nature to attack that which we do not understand or have all the facts on. ~

So in ending this short paper, if you are not a Christian I invite you to become one. Please visit this website and study here. Get a Bible if you do not have one and find a healthy Christian Church. If you are a Christian and have read this I challenge you to get out and get busy. Do the work of the evangelist, help the poor, visit the sick, and relieve the distressed. It is truly time for all Christians to walk out and speak out. May God richly bless you all. ~

One last thought

True Christianity is not a “religion” but it is simply a healthy relationship with God through the person of Jesus Christ. Christians are not to force their beliefs or talk down on others from other faiths. Religions and cults do that. We share our faith with others who have ears to hear - but most importantly we live our faith in all that we do and say. ~

~ Eric William King
April 20th 2018


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