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 My name is Eric William King. Throughout my life I have studied God's word since I was very young. Raised in the Lutheran/Catholic Church. I eventually went to a Christian college and worked in local churches from many different denominations. Through a bad series of experiences in my life I left the Christian faith and delved into world religions and metaphysical/occult "sciences". 

As a student of theology starting at a very young age I have gained much understanding. I am now a born-again Christian and live a single (widowed - wife died in 2010) life. I dedicate my time and energy to helping spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. I also believe in warning other Christians about the false teachings spread throughout Christendom. My goal is to help train Christians in "sound doctrine" and help to increase the faith of all saints.

After the loss of some very close family members I was brought back, by the Holy Spirit, to my Christian faith. I now work as an evangelist and do other ministry work at GCF [Groveland Christian Fellowship] in California.

On this website I offer my theological lectures and biblical training which I have achieved throughout my life. Of course, I too am still always growing in the Word of God. My hope is that you will take my ministry seriously and learn and grow here with me at "Straight Christianity". I have a strong personal relationship with God and hope that others develop a stronger relationship with our Lord.

I post Christian testimonies and articles from fellow Christians and post only that which agrees with the Truth, tested by the Word of God. I may not agree on all points, but the articles posted here will help point you in the right direction on you Christian journey. Thank you for finding this site and please book mark me. I offer "Straight Christianity" as an online ministry for GCF.

 Your Brother in Jesus Christ,
        Eric William King

Above: Latest lecture. Eric addresses the subject of God's feasts,
 Day Keeping and holidays. A Full message SHARE!

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Watch one of Eric's latest controversial studies & lecture.......
Alexandrian & Antiochene Theology

Here Eric William King unloads a nice introduction to his
theological lectures regarding the Alexandrian & Antichene debates.
A modern designation for a style of theology associated with the Church at Antioch is
a more literal exegesis, contrasted with Alexandrian theology, liberal and allegorical.

Above Eric William King gives special sermon message:
"The Kind of Worship that God Desires"
Given June 24th 2018 at GCF, California

Eric's Patristic Challenge to Rome!

Here Eric unloads some major and very important points of the patristic period 
of the Christian Church. Watch and share this NEW UPDATED part one
of Eric's "Patristic Dispensationalism".

Irenaeus pointed to Sola Scriptura:

"Since, therefore, the tradition from the apostles does exist in the Church, and is permanent among us, let us revert to the demonstration from the Scriptures of the apostles who wrote the Gospel (ad eam quae est ex Scripturis ostensionem eorum qui evangelium conscripserunt apostolorum), in which they recorded the doctrine regarding God, pointing out that our Lord Jesus Christ is the truth, and that there is no lie in Him." (AH 3.5.1)

Eric with "Friends of Zion"...

Above: Eric W. King with Judy & ED Connery of "Friends of Zion".

The Jerusalem Prayer Team’s mission is to build Friends of Zion to guard defend and protect the Jewish people and to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Our goal is to enlist 10 million people in America and around the world to pray daily and 250,000 houses of worship praying weekly for the peace of Jerusalem.
The Prayer Team also raises funds to meet humanitarian needs of the Jewish people in Israel providing coats, blankets and shelter for those in need. The ministry has a website that includes articles about the people of Israel, the problems being faced by her leaders and other pertinent topics.

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