Tuesday, June 19, 2018

E.W. King's "Alexandrian & Antiochene Theology" lecture - Part One

Alexandrian & Antiochene Theology

Here Eric William King unloads a nice introduction to his
theological lectures regarding the Alexandrian & Antichene debates.
A modern designation for a style of theology associated with the Church at Antioch is
a more literal exegesis, contrasted with Alexandrian theology, liberal and allegorical.


Above: Here Eric reiterates the differences between
the two ancient schools and then gives extremely interesting
information regarding some of the early leaders of the Antiochene
Church...please watch and share!

Above: Eric W. King gives his "part three" in this extremely
important and very interesting series. These talks help all
Christians come to a proper understanding of the early
heretical issues. How did the Church deal with them?
Even today, Eric points out that these false teachings
are still infecting the churches.

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