Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Eric's challenge to Marry "worshipers"

Eric's challenge to Marry "worshipers"
........a look into how this all developed and the phrase "Theotokos"

Above: Here I give some very important history regarding the Greek phrase "theotokos" and how it started even more heresy in the Christian Church. Please watch, listen and share...especially with your Roman Catholic friends. - eric

Jesus Christ, the only mediator between us and Father God.

"Do you claim to be Christian? The Bible declares that mere belief cannot must make Jesus Christ your only Savior and obey His teachings...Are you Born again?...if not your only Christian in name."~ Eric William King

Are you living the Christian Life? Or only professing it?

MEN WITH WHOM GOD CAN DO NOTHING ( Romans 1:24-25 ) 1:24-25 So then God abandoned them to uncleanness in their hearts' passiona...


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