Thursday, August 9, 2018

Fur Babies and God's lesson.


Fur Babies and God's lesson.

We all think that our furry little pets were put here so we could have a best friend. Perhaps that is a good way to think about it. Personally, I believe they were put here to teach us unconditional love, patience and sacrifice.
Pets may not understand us when we talk, at least not completely. But we understand our need to hold, cuddle and talk with them. We buy them toys and special treats because they hold the key to our hearts. They, in return, teach us unconditional love. We allow them to take the paint off the walls, shred our furniture and keep us up all night whining. Yet we continue to love them.
They teach us patience as we attempt to correct their bad behavior, which normally doesn’t change. Yet, we continue to love them.
Now for the biggie, they teach us sacrifice. When they are missing we will sacrifice our comfort for their safety. We wander around in knee deep snow or frigid temperatures calling out their names. When they are sick, our budget goes out the door, it’s whatever it takes to make them feel better. We sit with them in our arms and tell them how precious they are until we can’t keep our eyes open.
Our sweet little fur babies is being used by God to teach us a lesson that man can’t teach each other. He is saying, “Unconditional love does exist and you yourself have proven it over and over.” God doesn't waste anything. He uses it all!

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