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Milk Bone Religion

Milk Bone Religion

Joe attends church dutifully, even volunteering as an usher once in a while. Joe’s wife, Christy, has been praying faithfully for her husband since she became a believer a couple years ago. They have two children together – six year old Collin and his three year old brother, “Little Joey”. Joe believes in God and agrees with his wife that going to church is something that they should do in order to set a good example for the kids. Besides, they have a lot of fun activities for the kids in “Children’s Church” and they even have a free kid’s camp in the summer that Collin will be able to participate in this year.
They have been going to this church for some time and although it’s a large church with healthy attendance, Joe doesn’t really know anyone. There are classes before church for adults but Joe hasn’t been able to get himself up and ready in time, so he drives separately and meets his wife in the sanctuary - usually by the second or third song. The music is okay, but he’s not really much of a singer anyway, he justifies. His wife is somewhat pacified by his being there each week, but continues to silently pray his heart will be changed as he listens.
Joe feels that attending Sunday service is a worthy sacrifice that balances out the things in his life that are not so spiritual. Each week Joe religiously and enthusiastically makes his appearance. Going to church feels good to him –“God must be pleased”, he reasons. With smiles and handshakes all around he believes that he secures a wife and a god that will overlook his faults, which are many. Like a dog that expects a treat at routine times, Joe has found a way to temporarily satisfy the emptiness in his soul by occupying a seat at church each week and throwing a few bucks in the offering plate as it passes by.
Unlike a dog treat though, God cannot be boxed up and brought out whenever we desire. He is not sitting there in the church building throughout the week, waiting with baited breath, to see if you show up on Sunday morning. God wants your whole life – all one hundred sixty eight hours a week. True spiritual satisfaction (salvation) demands relationship - at home; at work; when you’re hanging out with your buddies - always.
Throughout history, there have been innumerable millions of “Joe’s” in churches everywhere. Perhaps YOU are “Joe”. The good news is that God loves you and it is never too late to humble yourself before Him, admit you are a sinner and ask His forgiveness. Begin your relationship today – that is what will truly please God.
John 3:3 - Jesus answered him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God.”

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