Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Dear Fellow Christians, from E.W.King

Dear Fellow Christians 

As a student of theology starting at a very young age I have gained much understanding. I am now a born-again Christian and live a single (widowed) life. I dedicate my time and energy to helping spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. I also believe in warning other Christians about the false teachings spread throughout Christendom. My goal is to help train Christians in "sound doctrine" and help to increase the faith of all saints.

My hope is that you will take what I share and what I have learned extremely seriously. I am so blessed to have been able to survive many difficult trials. No, I am not perfect, I am not all that I should or ought to be but thank God that I am not what a used to be.

I travel and speak where-ever invited (evangelism). After the loss of some very close family members I was called to use what I have at my disposal to teach and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I now work as an evangelist and do other ministry work at GCF [Groveland Christian Fellowship] in California.

I offer you all free online 'college level' discussions yet simple enough for me and everybody else to understand the proper history of God's people and "word" of God as taught by the ancient Antiochene Church.

On this website I offer my theological lectures and biblical training which I have achieved throughout my life. Of course, I too am still always growing in the Word of God. My hope is that you will take my ministry seriously and learn and grow here with me at "Straight Christianity". I have a strong personal relationship with God and hope that others develop a stronger relationship with our Lord.

I post Christian testimonies and articles from fellow Christians and post only that which agrees with the Truth, tested by the Word of God. I may not agree on all points, but the articles posted here will help point you in the right direction on your Christian journey. Thank you for finding this site and please book mark me. I offer "Straight Christianity" as an online ministry for GCF.

 Your Brother in Jesus Christ,
        Eric William King

Recorded Live Bible Discourse on John ch.9
Bible Teacher Eric William King

Above: Bible Teacher and Theologian, Eric William King teaching
in the gospel of John ch.9. Touching on early Christian understandings
and even lightly touching the issue of reincarnation. 

Above: Latest lecture. Eric addresses the subject!

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