Friday, November 16, 2018

Maximum Effect Antidepressant

Today many people (men & women) take some kind of antidepressant and or "magic pill" from their doctor so that they can "deal" with this evil world. Some of these people turn around and judge others for using marijuana and or liquor to do the same. As Christians we need to be very careful about judging people especially those trying to follow Jesus.
Though we all fall short we should always remember to rest in Christ's compassion and remember that we all struggle with difficulties in this evil world. 

Thank God for  JESUS CHRIST!
~Eric William King

 To refrain from gossip is an on-the-ground practice of Christian theology. Likewise, to ... “When the Trinity talks about your sin, they don't gossip.

Maximum Effect Antidepressant

“Blessed are those who fear the Lord, who find 

great delight in his commands.”

CHOOSE TO SIN, CHOOSE TO SUFFER - As humans we understand this principal early on in life. Responsible parents teach their children that their actions can lead to blessing or they can lead to suffering. If we don’t learn that lesson at home our educational system will give it a shot. If the lesson still goes unlearned then the justice system will get involved. We know sin is the root cause of all suffering but this phrase is talking about YOUR SIN which can be directly linked to YOUR SUFFERING. Another biblical way to say this is that YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW” (Galatians 6:7-8).
OBEDIENCE = BLESSING - To fear the Lord is to obey the Lord out of a deep respect and appreciation for what he has done for you; to find great delight in His commands; to hold God in the highest esteem; treasuring God and His will no matter what. The blessings we receive from living a life of obedience are WISDOM, PEACE, JOY, CONTENTMENT AND HOPE! These gifts, by their very nature, cannot exist alongside anxiety, depression, unworthiness, guilt and the dysfunction that often accompanies them.
Satan is constantly at work trying to convince you that happiness can be found in the world. But you are a CHRISTIAN! You are no longer controlled by that sin nature – you have a new nature. And now you know the secret to a blessed life. Begin to sow good seed (obedience) and that good seed will eventually grow into a good crop that will be harvested. Choose to sin and you are choosing to suffer, choose to obey and you are choosing to be blessed. WHICH WILL YOU CHOOSE?

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