Friday, December 7, 2018

We remember the old times....

Long Time Ago

From his Seniors' Home 
window an aged man smiles 

remembers being 
a kid of twelve, stepping 
over limbs beside the creek 

blue eyes still bright and 
inquiring, an eager boy under 
wrinkles of flesh

speckled trout, sweet 
smells of summer calling--

twitch in his willow pole, 
clunker of a catch 
mouthing the dew worm

ma noticing well-traveled jeans, 
"Need washin'," always said

mud-caked from sunny 
days on old Ogden's Creek.

Memories, never shy away.

Richard L. Provencher
Richard enjoys writing poems; many of which have been published in Print and Online. He and his wife, Esther are also co-authors of stories and a print novel. They are "born again" Christians and very busy in their church, Abundant Life Victory International, in Bible Hill, Nova Scotia.

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