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The dear ‘humanists’ say that you will be recycled into a worm or a plant! Charming. Their immense shock will be that there is eternal JUSTICE out there, not merely worms and plants.
Our God says that a bright, unimaginably wonderful future is waiting for every Christian! “The ear has not heard and no eye has ever seen, neither can man even imagine the HAPPINESS which God has prepared for those who love him (1 Cor. 2:9, paraphrased, if you please)!
God’s Word, Sir. Look it up. What do you suppose will confront those who REJECT the immense gift of a loving God, so great, SO GREAT, a salvation (Heb. 2:3)?
By contrast, the proud enemies of Christianity are facing an eventual future of indescribable horror, which cannot be even imagined by anybody in this world. Satan does not fool around, neither is he going down alone! Exceedingly important to Satan is to hide the infinite, eternal justice, hide the eventual future, from his followers. He means business and his business is to lie, to betray and cause eventually infinite suffering to EVERYONE he can touch. EVERY DISCIPLE HE TAKES, HE TAKES KNOWINGLY INTO ETERNAL DESTRUCTION. Satan knows it. His disciples do not and keep trusting these Devils. The spiritual blindness, impressed, must be tremendous. How would anybody like a master like that?

It is incredible that the Luciferian Elite does not even suspect that. These are highly intelligent people and they don’t even suspect that? They insist on trusting the ultimate betrayer and deceiver? This is doubly difficult to understand considering that every Luciferian knows that man does NOT live only for this world alone. They know there is another reality, another dimension and eternity out there. What they don’t know is that eternal JUSTICE will be also out there. God’s Justice, the God of Abraham! The justice of God who created everything, NOT the god of betrayal, who obtains sexual type pleasure from destroying everything.  

Why not seek and choose the God who created all that is good, who loves you and suffered to forgive you, who even now holds out to YOU a final solution of indescribable beauty, of truly unimaginable joy?

Could this be someone’s last chance? If you want the God of Love, instead of a god of lies and treason, pray now with me, "DEAREST LORD JESUS, FORGIVE ME MY SINS; PLEASE BE THE RULER OF MY LIFE. HELP ME TO LOVE YOU MORE EVERY DAY AND OBEY YOU WITH ALL MY STRENGTH; AND TO READ YOUR BIBLE DAILY, EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE."
If you do this, and mean it, with an open heart, this prayer will never fail. It will become the greatest thing you will ever have, and it will last forever. After this, clean up your life with the Bible. Check out the guide in “How to read the Bible and clean up your life” in  It’s made for you.
Not the messenger, only the message is important. Please visit for a surprise.

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