Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The danger of Allegory in Theology ~ By E.W.King

Origin ~ A Father of Allegory

The danger of Allegory in Theology ~ By E.W.King

Above: Here Eric W. King walks us through the dangers of Biblical allegory 
and the early church. Also gives examples how cults use allegory.
Finally a look at the parable; "The Pearl of Great Price"
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*Seven Important Biblical Interpretive Rules & Exposing Schisms 
*Eric William King's "Kingdom Discourse" series! 
*The difference between literal Israel and the Christian Church
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*Sabbath Days, Holy Days & Jesus Christ
*God's Common Grace
*Ancient insight into a prophetic parable!
*Live Discourse on John ch.8
*Live Discourse on John ch.9
*Parable of the Hidden Treasure
*The difference between "allegory" & "parable"


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